Sharon Portegies, Master SportPhysicalTherapist

Sharon Portegies is a physical therapist, professional master sport physical therapist and owner of “Portegies, Fysio voor Sporters” and “Sport Physics” in Haarlem. She has years of experience guiding and treating athletes from the recreational level to the top sport level, including a professional skating team and AFCAjax. In 2010 she began her own practice which is mainly focused on the treatment and guidance of athletes and sport-related injuries.

Sharon is a member of the Shoulder NetworkAmsterdam. In 2011 she was named Sport PhysicalTherapist of the year by the NVFS (DutchAssociation for PhysicalTherapy in Sport Health)


Jan Willem Eigenraam, Master ManualPhysicalTherapist, Climbing/Bouldering expert

I am Jan Willem Eigenraam. Sports is my love and my life; which is why I decided to study Physical Education, graduating from theALOAmsterdam in 2011. Until that time I was a karate fanatic and also a serious runner and cyclist. During my time at theALO I discovered climbing and bouldering and now you can always find me in the rocks. I liked it so much that after a few years of teaching I became the manager at the Klimmuur in Haarlem.Teaching and working as a manager did not bring me the satisfaction I was looking for, however, so I decided to study physical therapy. Physical therapy is a great profession where I find meaning as much in the physical as the mental aspect of the human body. It is a field in which I can combine my knowledge of movement, teaching, and methodology with that of pathology and rehabilitation. It is my passion to contribute to the well-being of the (sport) patient so that he/she can return to an optimal level in their sport and daily life.

Now, I combine my work in physical therapy with teaching physical education and I give bootclimb (boot camp) classes twice a week in the dunes.As an athlete, I divide my time between Bouldering (sport climbing) and triathlons.This is why I also want to develop further in the treatment of injuries specifically affecting these athletes: fingers, hands, wrists, elbows and shoulders.

Jan Willem hosts a special injury consultation for climbers and alpinists everyThursday from 19.00-21.00 and the Klimmuur Haarlem.



Elisabeth van den Berg-Bos, Master SportPhysicalTherapist and Dry Needling therapist

Translated by Kate Gentile