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At Portegies, Fysio voor Sporters the focus is the individual treatment of each patient and the goal is always to get you back to work, back on the field, and back to normal activity as soon as possible. We offer physical therapy, sport physical therapy, sport guidance and sport massage.


Physical Therapy

Hop on the bike to get some groceries. Easily move through the traffic. Doing some work around the house. Biking, walking, bending-you never think about it; not until you feel the pain from a nagging knee, pain in your… READ MORE


Sport Physical therapy

The sport physical therapist plays an important role in prevention, guidance and advice for anyone who plays sports as a hobby or a profession.The sport physical therapist treats patients who have been sick or injured and would like to get back to work… READ MORE


Sport and Team Guidance

Portegies, Fysio voor Sporters works with teams and sport clubs, as well as individual athletes. Below you can see a selection of clubs and individual athletes that have benefitted from our sport physiotherapeutic guidance… READ MORE