Physical Therapy

Hop on the bike to get some groceries. Easily move through the traffic. Doing some work around the house. Biking, walking, bending-you never think about it; not until you feel the pain from a nagging knee, pain in your back, or feel the effects of a chronic condition. Sound familiar?
You ask yourself how you can quickly do everything that you could do before, or how you can keep moving as well as possible despite your chronic condition. The physical therapist will help you to keep moving or to get moving again.

The physical therapist is an expert in the area of movement, and specializes in treating patients whose movement has been hindered. Together with your physical therapist, you will work toward more freedom of movement and a better quality of life. Our physical therapists treat individual patients so there is always 1 on 1 attention, creating an environment in which you can work toward your personal goals. The physical therapist will even go with you to work in order for you to obtain the best results possible as quickly as possible. In setting up a treatment plan your physical therapist will consult with you about your wishes, physical situation, and your possibilities. By giving advice and preparing exercises, your physical therapist will make sure that your movement will improve. Recently, there has been a lot of attention given to preventative medical care. You can also so see the physical therapist for this.

With the help of the physical therapist, you will be moving again in no time!
We guarantee a personally tailored treatment plan with the goal of recovering from injury as fast as possible. That is what Portegies Fysio voor sporters stands for.

We do this by:

  • Providing individual treatment and guidance,
  • Setting personal, measurable goals. Naturally, these will change for each person,
  • Focusing on a return to the desired level as quickly as possible,
  • Making you, our patient, our priority. If another place is better suited to treat you, then Portegies Fysio voor sporters will help you get the right treatment,
  • Maintaining access to the newest insights and information, which is possible thanks to our many partners, like the Shoulder Network Amsterdam,
  • Scheduling treatments as often as possible based on scientifically proven effectiveness.


Translated by Kate Gentile