Sport Physical Therapy

The sport physical therapist plays an important role in prevention, guidance and advice for anyone who plays sports as a hobby or a profession. The sport physical therapist treats patients who have been sick or injured and would like to get back to work or back on the field.

The sport physical therapist guides and advises experienced athletes who want to perform at a high level, as well as non-athletes. With children or the elderly, for example, sport may become a part of the therapy. The most common symptoms that a person goes to a sport physical therapist for are injuries to the knee, ankle, and shoulder. The therapy focuses not only on the recovery of the injured joint, but also on training the parts of the body that are connected to and influenced by the movement of that joint.

The sport physical therapist often works in a specially designed practice or a sports medicine department in a hospital. Increasingly, you will find sport physical therapists at sport clubs and in the service of sports teams or federations. The sport physical therapist also works together with other health care professionals, such as sport doctors, surgeons, and sport masseurs as well as the health and safety divisions of companies.

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We do this by:

  • Individual treatment and guidance, as well as (if desired) explanation and advice to trainers and coaches.
  • Specific sport rehabilitation. Every sport requires different skills and stresses the body differently. We always keep this in mind when developing your personal treatment plan.
  • Focusing on a return to the desired level of activity and skill while maintaining condition.
  • Making you, the athlete, our priority. If another place is better suited to treat you, then

Portegies Fysio voor sporters will help you get the right treatment.

  • Maintaining access to the newest insights and information, which is possible thanks to our many partners, like the Shoulder Network Amsterdam.
  • Scheduling treatments as often as possible based on scientifically proven effectiveness.


Translated by Kate Gentile